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Alocasia Nebula 'Elaine' 130mm

Alocasia Nebula 'Elaine'

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Alocasia Nebula 'Elaine' is a rare and beautiful hybrid that will make any home look like a slice of the night sky. With its deep green leaves speckled with silver, it's certain to add an elegant touch to any room or garden. Even better, its unique appearance stands out from other plants in the family - you won't find anything quite like it! The Alocasia Nebula 'Elaine' is truly a sight to behold and will be sure to make your space feel special for years to come 

  • Alocasia Nebula 'Elaine' is a hybrid plant that was created by Australian growers in the 1960s 
  • The plant produces large, deep green leaves with small white spots dotting their surfaces
  • They are fastgrowing and can reach up to 2 meters in height within a single growing season

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